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Updates | 2 min read

Affise chooses Digital Element’s IP intelligence solution to enhance targeting ability

Anastasia Zaichko

It goes without saying that GEO is one of the most important settings in every ad campaign as well as crucial criteria for the performance optimization. As the accuracy of geotargeting depends on the database used to identify the user location, we are proud to announce that Affise has recently partnered with Digital Element, the best global geolocation data and service provider.

Affise selected Digital Element’s IP geolocation and intelligence solution to provide our clients with the access to best-in-class global IP datasets for ad targeting and tracking. By using Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge technology, Affise customers are able to more accurately geotarget, either as a standalone targeting criterion or by adding accurate IP location data to other data sets to build better targeting profiles. Additional datasets, such as connection speed and mobile carrier, have been added to broaden targeting options and enrich capability, helping to improve the relevance and response for online campaigns.

“We are a technology-first company and in the ad tech industry it is imperative we provide cutting edge solutions for our clients,” commented Dmitrii Zotov, Founder and CTO of Affise. “Digital Element is the best IP geolocation data provider in our opinion and by utilising their granular IP intelligence we are able to offer the best possible solution to our clients, increasing both their performance and reach.

Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge combines traditional infrastructure analysis with insight gleaned from a network of global commercial partners to better map the internet. The result is the most granular and accurate hyperlocal geotargeting solution that maintains user anonymity and complies with the highest standards of end-user privacy.  

Elena Vega, Digital Element’s International Business Development Director, commented: “Collaborating with Affise is an exciting opportunity for Digital Element and highlights our growing presence in the global market. Affise joins Digital Element’s portfolio of high-profile clients, which includes: Adobe, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Videology, MediaMath, BBC, Discovery Networks, Hubspot, Vibrant Media, Webtrends, Crimtan, Weborama, Ogilvy and many others”.

Originally published October 29, 2018 16:19 PM