Top Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Tips & Guides — 19 Sep 2019

Mobile Marketing Statistics for 2019

Top Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

According to the most recent statistics, 80% of internet users own a smartphone. The big takeaway from this is that there’s a huge market to reach out to on mobile devices. Even more important is the fact that mobile marketing will continue to play a huge part in the growth and development of today’s biggest brands.

If you are one of those marketers hoping to make it big through smartphones, then you should check out the following winning strategies for mobile marketing.

Optimize Your Website

The biggest mistake any marketer can make when creating a website is not optimizing it for mobile use. When a desktop version of a website loads on a mobile platform, chances are that it will take more than a few seconds to load. Some parts of the page may not even load properly. This is an important matter as mobile users typically leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Top Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile optimization allows websites to perform at its very best, thus giving website visitors the capacity to spend most of their time without any issues.

Top Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

People Now Want Video Ads

Video ads have become an inescapable form of online media. People browsing Facebook or YouTube on mobile devices will come across these ads with almost all the videos they watch. While video ads have been a boon for marketers before, the recent trends suggest that you should begin producing some for your brand.

People want ads to be to the point and concise. They should typically last for around 15 seconds and should include your message and product. If they are any longer than that, chances are the viewer will not finish watching your content.

Top Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Hyperlocal Targeting Is New But Effective

Hyperlocal targeting refers to techniques that use locations and GPS to narrow down the target of a certain ad, promo, or campaign. One technique in this area is geofencing. In geofencing, brands create a virtual fence around an area. Once a mobile user passes by this fence, they will be sent a push notification related to that brand.

For example, Burger King once geofenced rival McDonald’s chains. Once users were in proximity of a Mcdonald’s chain, they were sent a promo code for Burger King.

You should highly consider hyperlocal targeting as it can get you a solid hold on a specific market. Moreover, you can do your audience a great service by giving them discounts or promos.

Top Tips to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Influencers Over Celebrities

If you are looking for a personality to endorse your marketing campaigns, you may want to turn toward influencers instead. These are personalities that internet users follow regularly. Aside from that, influencers are a lot cheaper than top-Hollywood stars. Part of their appeal is that they are more relatable than celebrities, so people can engage with them on a deeper level.


Mobile marketing will continue to rise as we see more smartphone users each day. The path to mobile marketing success may change unexpectedly, but the trends above will surely help you out at this moment.

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