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How Affiliate Platform Impacts Dating Business

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The Most Vital Component of Success in Online Dating Affiliate Marketing

Dating is still one of the most attractive areas for affiliate marketing. Experts working in online dating noted that this vertical had seen a significant increase in the audience and time spent on the products due to the coronavirus global pandemic. In addition to this, even the payment power of these services’ users didn’t experience a severe decline.

We often have conversations with the industry’s best representatives, including affiliate networks that deal with online dating vertical. So we know for sure that one of the essential components of success in affiliate marketing is the right choice of a technological solution.

Without further ado, we will explain to you what the best affiliate marketing software for online dating vertical should be.

What Does an Affiliate Software Solution Do?

The technological solution will automate and run all the relevant tasks for you. Affiliate software provides everything to manage, track, analyze, and optimize your online advertising campaigns in real-time. By using this solution, you will be able to:

  • manage programs, offers, and creatives for affiliates;
  • set all the necessary rules for advertising campaigns;
  • track and analyze the results of your affiliates;
  • make different types of payouts to your partners around the world;
  • keep all the data about your advertising campaigns in one place.

Of course, all these data must be reliably protected for the platform’s clients and their affiliates. There is no way that best tech providers will exist unless they perfectly fall under data security and privacy requirements.

How Affiliate Platform Helps Dating Business to Grow?

Provider of the best dating affiliate solution must know exactly what marketers require in their work. It’s the only way to make their partners successful and optimize their working routine.

As in any online business, online dating services’ main goal is to increase the number of registered users. Before creating their affiliate program and entering this marketing environment, dating businesses receive traffic from media-buying. The costs of media-buying and affiliate platform pricing may be equal, but consumed time and effort, and especially the results are strikingly different.

The Most Vital Component of Success in Online Dating Affiliate Marketing

Our case study shows that affiliates in dating vertical drive 3 times more traffic than in-house media-buying. The affiliate platform helped its client to optimize a significant part of the operational workflow, allowing them to concentrate on improving their advertising campaigns.

The Most Demanded Affiliate Software Features for Online Dating Niche

Now, then we’ve done with the paramount stuff, let’s move on to the more specific online dating niche demands from affiliate software.

Granular Targeting

The more precisely you can setup-up your targeting on the affiliate platform, the more right audience you can reach. Online dating programs should be able to target sub1-8, regions, cities, and IPs. In addition, tracking links will allow you to define different tracking URLs for different targeting groups and drive traffic based on GEO, OS, and other targeting parameters for those monitoring URLs.

AdFraud Security

Ad fraud is still a big problem for affiliate marketing. You can learn in maximum details about all types of fraud and how to deal with it from our e-book Performance Marketing Fraud. Here are essential tools that the best affiliate marketing management platform must have to prevent ad fraud:

  • Click-level fraud prevention tool reduces fraudulent traffic by filtering VPN, non-earmarked traffic from proxies, bot traffic, etc.
  • CR automation feature in fraud prevention serves as a regulator of the underlying traffic quality index.
  • “Unique IP only” set-up ensures that you didn’t deal with IP duplicates.
  • Detailed statistics, besides its primary goal, helps to define fraudulent patterns in conversions and block them.
  • A click-to-conversion time report is used to detect and prevent mobile ad fraud, such as click injection and click spamming.

Traffic Management & Real-time Analysis

Dating affiliate marketers should be able to manage multiple landing pages within a single offer. Several referral links will allow partners to choose where to send traffic. Alternatively, the system can also distribute traffic depending on the settings for payments or ban traffic sources for your campaigns.

Reports and statistics design will enable you to analyze and compare the performance of multiple landing pages within one offer. You can then upload your creatives, split the traffic, and make A/B tests to see which strategy performs better.

Flexible Payouts

Marketers today are leaning towards a performance-based affiliate pay model. Advertisers and affiliate networks want to pay for conversions, and not for clicks. The platform’s technical capabilities should provide the flexibility to determine which action to consider as a conversion: sign-in, email verification, paid membership, etc. Besides, the affiliate solution should give a choice between standard or tiered revenue share, CPA, or hybrid commission for affiliates.


Customization consists of three levels: incorporation of the company’s brand and design, system configuration for specific operational processes, and the ability to implement new modules. The best platform allows all three levels. For the online dating niche specifically, we can highlight the possibility of creating an unlimited number of custom domains for immediate reset of the workflow in case of blocking.

Versatile API

You may want to integrate with a specific operational service that isn’t connected to the platform yet. Such integration will depend on the API terms. The best affiliate platform should have a feature-rich API, so any future integrations will not be a problem. Also, it will allow you to build a custom solution on top of the core technology.

Everything You Need for Profitable Dating Affiliate Marketing in One Platform

All of the above sets of tools and software solution features can be found in the Affise SaaS platform. Affise solutions have helped our clients make millions of dollars, save lots of effort, and increase ROI. Even more, everything you need for profitable dating affiliate marketing is available for free for one month with the subscription to an Affise trial.

Try a 30-day free trial with accompanying full onboarding straight away!

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