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Updates — 23 Jun 2022

Affise releases bulk actions on the Advertisers’ list

Bulk actions on the Advertisers’ list

When it comes to managing a long list of offers, advertisers, or affiliates, automation is everything. That’s why Affise is constantly working on expanding and improving its set of automation tools. In the previous year, we released the Affise Checker to eliminate broken URLs and the KPI automation solution to improve affiliate campaign results. Today, we’re introducing bulk actions on the ‘Advertisers’ list – one more feature built to simplify the work with thousands of advertisers and offers.

Manage thousands of affiliates in one click

Bulk actions on the ‘Advertisers’ list help you assign or disable affiliates across multiple offers with a single action instead of going through every offer one by one. This feature allows affiliate managers to save hours spent on routine activities and reinvest their time into more meaningful work.

Enabling bulk actions in Affise

Using bulk actions on the ‘Advertisers’ list is very easy. All you need to do is to proceed with the steps described below: 

1. Open the ‘Advertisers’ list (Advertisers -> Advertisers management) and select the advertisers you want to enable or disable specific affiliates from.

2. Once the advertisers are selected, use the ‘Affiliates actions’ button at the top of the ‘Advertisers list’ page to apply the needed changes.

3. To apply bulk actions to specific categories of affiliates, you can use filters. Bulk actions would be applied to all advertisers within the category, not only those displayed on the page. Click on the ‘Affiliates actions’ and use the ‘apply all within filter’ checkbox to proceed with the affiliates enabling or disabling across the whole list of advertisers in your system:

4. Click on the ‘Apply only selected’  button and wait a couple of minutes for the changes to be applied:

Now you are done: you’ve successfully enabled or disabled your affiliates to the offers of the selected advertisers just in a couple of clicks.


The usage of the bulk actions functionality eliminates the need to spend time on repetitive tasks like enabling or disabling affiliates to/from offers or advertisers over and over again. On the one hand, it makes all the integration processes far more efficient and easy to manage, especially for the managers responsible for establishing integration with the affiliates. On the other hand, allowing managers to use mass approval or disabling eliminates delays in the integration process lifecycle and speeds up the campaign launch.

Want to learn more about Affise Performance automation features or our platform in general? Connect with our experts, and we will help you find the best options.

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